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Making Magical Memories

Making memories is what I'm all about. Cystic Fibrosis affects a very small amount of people, but has a very big impact on their lives. Hike the Halo at the Angles stadium is an event put on by the CF Foundation and about two weeks ago the frozen team, myself included, got the opportunity to attend the event and support people who are affected by CF.

Seeing the looks on the kids faces when they saw us walk up is what I live for. Meeting these kids who might be affected by Cystic Fibrosis encourages me to live everyday to the fullest! When the kids ran up to me and gave me a big warm hug i was brought to tears. These kids showed true unconditional love, and their fearless courage to fight this sickness they have. Their laughter and smiles it what makes this job the greatest in the world.

Thanks for reading this guys <3 I really want to let you all into the adventures of Wishes Party Entertainment.

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